Matka Essentials is a small business located on Vancouver Island, dedicated to providing holistic solutions to all skin types. Our bodies speak to us continuously, it gives us very clear signs when something is wrong, but for most of us, these subtle signs often go unnoticed. Many skin problems are actually a sign from our body telling us that there is an imbalance lurking somewhere, most commonly a hormonal or digestive imbalance. In order to successfully restore the skin back to its glory, it is crucial to find the root cause of the problem first, before blindly applying products and cosmetics that could potentially worsen the situation.

My name is Nicolina Kolster, the founder of Matka Essentials. My vision and intention is to bring you a more holistic approach to skincare and cosmetics. I graduated from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2017 as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and from a 3-year cosmetology and aesthetics program in Helsinki in 2012. As an esthetician, my passion for natural skin care is what eventually lead me to apply for nutrition school to get a better understanding of the body and how our lifestyle and dietary choices can affect the health of our skin. 

I spent most of my teenage years battling chronic digestive problems, eating disorders, depression, and menstrual imbalances, which in turn affected my skin in various ways. As far as the skin goes, there is no one-solution-fits-all kind of deal, every single person is unique. In my years of practice, however, i have come across a few ingredients that have made the world of a difference every single time. Calendula, rosehips, raw cacao, sunflowers, carrot seeds, coconut, clay, and honey, to mention a few. All of these raw materials are incorporated into my products one way or the other, for their ultra nourishing and healing properties.

As a fully registered holistic nutritionist and skincare consultant, I provide guidence towards a more natural approach and understanding of the body and how to feel and look your best in the healthiest way possible. So, dive into the world of natural, green beauty and experience the results first hand.