It's aliiiive !

This is it! It is finally happeing! For so many weeks i have been working away at the back end here of my website to make one of my dreams reality. Well, goal reached. Ladies and gentlemen…. *suspenseful drumroll*….



I am soo excited to present to you all my very own line of carefully curated botanical skincare, made with the purest and most natural ingredients that not only your skin will benefit from but your entire body as well. I am proud to tell you all that Matka Essentials’ products are 100% VEGAN and CRUELTY-FREE. I cannot stress enough how important your skin is for you and what you put ON it, absorbs right THROUGH it. As a matter of fact, your skin absorbs up to 60% of what you apply to it, so choose your beauty products wisely, as many brands and products on the market can actually contribute to pretty serious physiological changes in the body such as endocrine disruption and increased estrogen levels.

BUT, you won’t find cleaner or safer skincare products than these babies. They are jampacked with super nourishing plant oils, therapeutic grade essential oils, mineral rich clays and botanical powders, dried herbs, beautifying salt chrystals, and all sorts of other plant magic. And you can now order these power products right here on this website! Head on over to the Shop section to find out more.