Summer nourish bowl & smoked paprika dressing

Nourish bowl (2 av 3).jpg

Summer = salads, but it’s important to keep it interesting cause who wants to eat the same ol’ tomatoes and lettuce and cucumber every day? Not me at least. Salads are among my favorite foods to make because the variations are limitless. There is SO much you can do with a salad, and not to mention the dressing. Mmmh!

In this blog post i will share with you my take on a nourish bowl. It takes a little time and patience to prep everything for this salad, but trust me, you will not be disappointed. This salad is jampacked with gut loving pro- and prebiotics, fiber, protein, color, flavour, and skin loving nutrients.

The only thing that’s not included in the recipe below is the pickled red onion. I do make my own, but you can also buy it from your local grocery store. Is a recipe for pickled red onion something you guys would like to see on the blog here? Let me know in the comment field. Just so you know, my pickled onions are to die for and add an amazing flavour punch to pretty much any dish. And they look pretty in pink too!

Nourish bowl (3 av 3).jpg