Travel Inspo: Germany

2 weeks in Germany flew by, but we had such a good time and stayed so busy it felt like we were gone for a month. We were blown away over how beautiful Germany is with its small romantic villages, centuries old castles, breathtakingly stunning churches and cathedrals literally everywhere, little windy cobble stone streets and alleys hiding adorable hole-in-the-wall cafe’s, pubs, shops, art galleries, and hotels all framed with lush vines and greenery, and flower boxes hanging from every single window of every single house. Some of the villages were so well preserved it felt like we were actually in 15th century Germany. And not to mention the food. SO AMAZING. All the delicious Bavarian cheese, bread, beer, pasta, sausage, sauerkraut, and baked goods. We even test drove a freakin’ Tesla, which was amazing. Probably gonna have to trade in our car for one now haha. We visited some insanely huge beer gardens with hundreds of people seeking refuge from the heat wave, cooling themselves with some amazing German been. According to Lukas, the best beer he’s ever had in his life (i wouldn’t know as i’m not a beer drinker), but they did have something even i liked, Raddler. It’s like a beer but with lemonade in it? I think. Anyway, it was delicious!

Some of the places we visited were Frankfurt, Seligenstadt, Schönbusch park and castle, Castle Mespelbrunn, Miltenberg, Wasserkupp, Neuschwanstein Castle and Schwansee village, Munich, and Amsterdam in Netherlands for the one and only Defqon.1 music festival together with my sister and brother and 2 other friends from Finland. I won’t blab on about each place, but let you look through the pictures instead and see the beauty for yourself. However, if you ever have the chance to visit Germany, make sure to go to the Southern parts and to visit the famous Neuschwanstein castle as it was probably one of the most impressive things i’ve ever witnessed in my entire life. It’s super touristy, but well worth it. Now, enjoy the slide shows below for each individual place we have visited during this year’s summer trip.