Aurinko Skin Repairing Balm

Aurinko Skin Repairing Balm


Ingredients: Calendula Oil - Carrot Oil - Carnauba Wax - Ricebran Oil - Evening Primrose Oil - Shea Butter - Grapefruit Essential Oil - Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - Carrot Seed Essential Oil - Immortelle Essential Oil

For: Eczema, rashes, bug bites, blisters, bruises, cuts and scrapes, psoriasis, extremely dry skin. Great for dry heels, hands or elbows as well.

(Aurinko = Sun) A powerful formula of oils and herbs intended to increase the skin’s healing processes. Calendula flowers, carrot seeds and evening primrose have all been used for centuries for their healing, soothing, and skin repairing properties, and for alleviating both chronic and accute skin condtitions and reactions, such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, bug bites, stings, burns, rashes, sunburns, boils, blisters and much more. Essential oils of immortelle, carrot seed oil, and ylang-ylang accelerate cell repair, prevent free radical damage, soothe itching and irritation, and have anti-inflammatory properties, while preventing the formation of scar tissue.

Application: Apply a pea size amount to affected area and gently massage into skin with a circular motion. Use several times a day or as needed for any form of damaged skin, avoid direct contact with open, bleeding wounds. For external use only. May be used as a rich moisturizer for very dry skin.

1 fl.oz. / 30 ml

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This product is for external use only, do not ingest. Keep away from children.  Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on broken skin. If pregnant (or suspect pregnancy) or on medication consult a physician.

Best when used within 12 months of opening.  Keep out of direct sunlight.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your physician before using products that contain essential oils. Certain herbs and essential oils are not recommended for use by pregnant, nursing women, infants or children. 

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Please be aware of skin allergies or specific skin related ailments before using our products. Please read carefully the list of ingredients to each product. If you have a history of sensitivities or allergies, we advise you to perform a skin test before using the product.