Since meeting Nicolina Kolster a few short months ago I have completely changed my skin, hair and body wash routine. I am very picky with the products I use on my body and this woman right here puts her heart and soul into crafting her different products to be so incredibly nourishing for individual skin types.
It feels so good to know my skin, and hair is actually receiving nutrients from these products, and it shows! I use her Metsa Face Oil religiously as in once, to two times a day. I’ve yet to find a face oil that absorbs so quickly into my skin without leaving my face feeling oily or clogged up. I also use two of her soaps on my face, on my body, AND in my hair. That’s right. A soap you can use as shampoo as well as body wash. When she told me this is what she uses, not going to lie I was skeptical but I’m so glad I tried it out. I couldn’t go back to using any other shampoo in my hair. I used to wash my hair everyday because it felt so weighed down and oily if I didn’t but I am now able to wash my hair every 3 days without any oil buildup which is such a relief.
I also have to add that I’m in LOVE with the smell of each of her products that I’ve tried. She is a master at blending essential oils!
I am so grateful for your products & knowledge Nico! And would 100% recommend Matka Essentials to anyone & everyone. <3
— AJA TAYLOR, holistic nutritionist
Wonderful professional service with a comfortable spa like vibe.
This lady loves what she does and her lifestyle reflects that. She has had years of training and is very knowledgeable.
I received deep tissue massage, essential oil massage, face masks and some reflexology as part of her main package. LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL OF IT! 😍. She is firm yet gentle and has a flow about her that is unlike any other masseuse I’ve been to.
I also bought a coffee body scrub from her and hands down is the best scrub I’ve EVER found! She uses nothing but 100% natural ingredients to the point you can eat it! My skin is really sensitive so I don’t use any soaps etc, so I was a little hesitant to try it but wow... No issues at all except smooth beautiful smelling and looking skin :).
I also consulted her regarding some IBS issues I was having alongside some other things and she was able to point me in the right direction to the point 5 months later today I’m healthier than i have been in 2 years.
Thank you Nico!
Definitely coming back
— Ashley Day
About 2 years ago I was the heaviest I have ever been, I tried multiple diets and different ways to try and lose weight, went to the gym regularly and nothing was working, it got to the point were I was ready to give up. Then one day I sat down with Nicolina and did a little survey, she sat down with me and went over specific things I should and shouldn’t be eating and drinking, so I decided to give it one last go and really stuck to it. The first 2 to 3 weeks was really hard to cut certain things out of my diet but i stuck to it. After 3 weeks I didn’t really see any change but told myself to keep it up, after a month I seen the first change and that opened my eyes to a change that could happen. Now after 7 months I am still doing what she told me to and I feel so much better in many ways, I sleep better, wake up less tired every morning, and have more energy thought the day, but the thing that I am most grateful of is that Nicolina changed my life completely when everything else wasn’t working. I have now lost 40 lbs and dropped from a size 38 waist down to a size 33 and am happy with my body for the first time in a very long time. This for me isn’t a temporary change, this is a life long change of being healthy and happy with myself.
— Broc Reeve, Welder & mechanic
I had my nutrition analysis done by Nicolina at Matka a while ago and was highly impressed by how thorough and detailed the analysis was. The result I got back did not only help me with health issues linked to what I was consuming, but also inspired me to look further into my diet and my body´s reaction to it. Nicolina gave me a clear view of what my body was lacking, why it reacted the way it did and very specific tips and advice of how I could make the changes in my lifestyle that my body was craving, giving me an individual meal plan , recipes, as well as ways to handle stress etc.
Nicolina is very caring, knowledgable, and thorough. She did a great job for me and I am sure she could help a great amount of people who are looking to improve both their health mentally and physically.
— Emelie Svensson, Personal Trainer & Gym Manager
After working with Nicolina I gained a far better understanding of what I was outing in my body, and how it was affecting me. With her help and some hard work I have lost over 35 lbs in the last year. I have more energy and a more positive mindset than I’ve had for years! I feel like I’m in my early 20’s again!
— Cameron Nickerson, Heavy duty operator
I really enjoyed my experience with Nicolinas’s assessment. I went onto the program unenergized and unmotivated to do anything but after two weeks I sure noticed a difference in my health. I was motivated, my mood swings weren’t all over the place and I felt genuinely better.
— Danielle Lerat, student